Triple Your Traffic

Now it’s time for a little education about Search engine optimization (SEO). To rank high on top of the Google Mountain and other search engines you must have a lot of good textual content. Text is everything on a webpage and can be the key to success or failure in the Search engine optimization (SEO) world. If you do not have room for text or you have a flash website then you can forget ever trying to rank high on any of the search engines. Text is referred to as the content on your page; this is the heart of your entire site and what search engines see. The content must be good quality, very informative, written very clearly and easy to understand, unique and nowhere else on the internet or copied. All of your content can be checked on Copyscape. If it is published anywhere else on the Internet Copyscape will find it. Content must be written with good keyword density and a little understanding of how the search engines work; this is part of on page optimization.