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Search engines have very complex algorithms and are always changing from one day to the next.  No matter how good you are or how many years of experience you have in Search engine optimization (SEO), you will never predict any of the exact search engine algorithms. Search engine algorithms have at least 50 million variables.  Not even some of the creators of the search engines know all the variables because there are so many factors and calculations involved. When a Search engine optimization (SEO) company offers a guarantee, they are most likely using black hat techniques that may work for a short period of time but could eventually get your website banned from search engines. There are many black hat techniques and tricks that search engines don’t like. Anyone using these methods are considered an unsavory and distasteful character in the eyes of search engines.  They also may be using a search term that is unique and only relates to you or your business and of course you always would come up number one in search engines when you have no competition running against you and a search term the general public will most likely not search for. Some of these scammers will just pay for advertising like “Google ad words”.  Anyone can get to number one on the search engines by using any of these methods. There is no quick and easy way to get to the top of the search engines. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a lot of work and it is an ongoing, constant process which involves many different factors off page and on page SEO. Imagine a billion people that are all trying to be in the same place; this would not be easy for anyone. Of course they don’t want to make it easy; you must earn your piece of Internet space. Search engines developers make this a daunting task by making the search engines as complex and complicated as possible so no one can predict what they are going to do next. On the net there is always talk of secrets and tricks, a good search engine optimization specialist should not have to use any tricks or secrets to get the desired results for their clients. You want to do the best possible job for your customer by using quality white hat techniques which will in no way possible get a customer’s website banned or removed from any of the search engines.