Michigan SEO

After you get your rich content on your web pages the next step would be to reconstruct your meta-tags. We will do keyword research and find the best keywords for your business. We insert the keywords into your keyword meta-tag. As far as the title meta-tag, the best thing that works with Search engine optimization (SEO) is to have the title match the keyword phrase you want the page to come up under. The title tag is the most important thing for Search engine optimization (SEO). You need to have the same title tag as the keyword phrase for each webpage. In other words, build a webpage for each keyword phrase with quality, unique content.  Setting up a blog on your site with constant updated content will also help your search engine rankings and spread you all over the Internet. Before you know it there will be little pieces of your site everywhere. Always remember content is King. You can never add too much content especially unique content to your site.